View Full Version : Scanning not picking up title... Custom Browse/Scan issue?

2008-03-26, 08:54
Having been playing with Custom Browse a bit and rescanning, I seem to have run into a major issue - I've lost all my track titles! Symptoms:

- Every track is called something like "1: 10,000 Maniacs - In My Tribe"
- Nothing under track details when I look at it within SC.
- Other tags are being read - year, genre, custom ones
- The titles are still there on MP3Tag (I didn't do some major format value and then close it like I first thought!)

SC v7.0 17793, latest custom scan and browse (latter installed not long prior to the problem...)

Ideas? Just revert to an earlier Custom Browse?

2008-03-26, 16:13
What happens if you temporary disable the Custom Browse plugin and restart SqueezeCenter ? Does that make it work again ?

If it still doesn't work, I don't think it is related to Custom Browse.

2008-03-26, 16:15
What are your title formats set to in "SqueezeCenter Settings/Interface" ?

Does the same problem occur both in web interface and on the SqueezeBox/Transporter display ?

2008-03-28, 13:24
What are your title formats set to in "SqueezeCenter Settings/Interface" ?

OMFG I've fixed it, but what an issue!

I installed the nightly, removed all your add-ins, did numerous Mp3Tag actions over my entire library (so scary), all to no avail.

However, changing the title format in that setting (from one that did not include title) fixed it. I had been playing around with MusicInfoScr, getting the display just how I wanted it (which supersedes what is in that title format screen), and had left it on one that did not have 'TITLE' in it.

Anyway, sorted, thanks - I'll have a look at the custom browse stuff more when I've calmed down in a few days...