View Full Version : Server on W2K, Music on Network Drive

Tim Marino
2004-02-17, 13:14
From Windows 2000 pull up the Services applet from the
admin panel. Find the entry for the slimserver, right
click it to get its properties. I stopped it, then
disabled it. Then just go to your start menu and find
the Slimserver and start it.

--- Kevin Frain <kfrain (AT) book (DOT) com> wrote:
> Where do you make the change from running the
> server as a service to running under an account?
> Is this a windows setting or setting in the server
> software?
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> Drive
> My issue was definitely related to W2K running the
> server as a service. As soon as I switched it to run
> under an account it picked up the folder no problem.
> I
> tried pretty much everything up until that point
> including mapping it as a drive. This is just a
> Windows quirk.
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