View Full Version : Typical range of Duet in ad-hoc (Bridged) mode?

2008-03-26, 03:21
What is the likely range I can expect if I use the controller in ad-hoc, so called Bridged Network mode? The manual hints that it will be much less than using Wifi. I need to know because if it is too short a distance then I'll have to factor the cost of a range extender into the Duet total price. I want to use the Duet controller in the back yard to play music on exterior speakers. Range around 20m maximum with glass or glass+ 1 wall blockage depending on where the Duet receiver goes in the system.

2008-03-26, 04:17
I don't believe that range extenders for Wifi will operate in ad-hoc mode. So unless you already have an access point (or wireless router) you would be better getting a real access point/wireless router (you don't need to use the router bit).

The range will be greater with a true AP. Of course range though is subject to many factors, location, attenuation through walls/other materials as well as local interference.

2008-03-26, 04:39
I don't intend to operate in adhoc mode if I go for a range extender solution. I have a Wifi router that can be used for direct access, but only if I add some form of wireless extension to boost the signal from one side of the house out into the garden. If I can operate in adhoc mode direct to the Duet receiver placed just inside the house and wired back to the router, I won't need to buy a wireless network extender.