View Full Version : Now playing art gets stuck on SBC

2008-03-25, 17:10
Just got my new Squeezebox Controller running yesterday and have only had this one nagging issue.

Some of my music library has artwork and some doesn't and I'm working on that, but the issue I'm having is that the controller will display artwork for the current album, then when I change to a different album the now playing art stays stuck on the previous picture and info. All the functions work, just with the wrong art. The only way to refresh it to the correct picture is to reboot the SBC.

I had SC 7.0 running, so I tried updating to 7.01 and also updated the SBC Software. Also tried a factory reset on the SBC but the problem continues.

Could this be a software bug or should I try a rescan of the database in Squeezecenter?

2008-03-26, 03:41
Well that sounds like a software bug, but not one I've seen here. Is it just the artwork that gets stuck, or is all the track information in Now Playing wrong?


2008-03-26, 03:53
The info on the now playing screen gets stuck too. After a controller reboot, it will sometimes behave properly for a while, then get stuck and stay that way.

When stuck, the now playing screen will sometimes even say 'Paused' along with the track info while music continues to play.

When I skip to the next track, the pop-up info at the bottom indicates the correct track, but the old pic remains. I'm running SC on a Windows XP PC.

2008-03-26, 04:31
I just found one more clue. It appears it gets stuck on the current info/pic when the Controller goes to sleep (screen turns off). After it wakes up, no more fresh 'now playing' info. I restarted the SBC a few times to confirm.

However, this doesn't happen on on tracks that have no artwork. If the big music note is displayed when it goes to sleep, all is fine on wake up.

2008-03-26, 05:28
Related to either of these bugs?


The second one is fixed, and neither is exactly what you're describing, but they all seem like state-related issues.

2008-03-27, 03:37
It appears I've fixed my issue. I suspected the my SqueezeCenter data might be to blame, so I did a full uninstall, reinstall, scan.

I discovered that my A/V software, Symantec Endpoint Protection, was preventing a full SC scan. It was stopping after scanning tracks and playlists. I tried creating exclusions based on some other forum posts, but that didn't work for me. After an A/V uninstall and full rescan, all was fixed.

Happy that my new toy works. Now I justt need to fix the Antivirus situation...

2008-03-27, 20:15
My problem continues, though less than before. Picture from a previous track showed up and stayed a couple of times upon Controller wake-up. Will contact support and see what they suggest.