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2008-03-25, 16:42
Just hooked up a new SB duet. It's mostly working, but the controller occasionally becomes unresponsive. For a while it was in a mode in which it refused to navigate into any submenu in the Music Library, though I could navigate back to the root. Earlier, it was in a mode in which it didn't respond to commands until I reset it by removing the battery.

Known issues? Is there a way to reset the controller short of removing and replacing the battery?

I installed the initial update. The firmware version reports to be 7.0 r2097.

2008-03-26, 02:41
I experienced this behaviour some time ago during beta testing, but haven't seen it with the current production firmware (r2097).
One or two reboots of the controller usually fixed these issues.

To force the controller off, press and hold the home/power button until it switches off (may take up to 15 sec.).


2008-03-26, 03:06
Got The same problem, downloaded the latest nightrealese but it didnt help.
The Duet gets locked and will not respond on volume, skip, stop etc. and it wont search through library. Only home and back button is working. The music streaming continues.
After 1-2 minutes it starts working again.
I will try to do 1-2 factory reset to see if it helps.

bug 7603

2008-03-26, 11:55
I've done two factory reset. still the same problem.

2008-03-26, 16:33
This is terrible ... the controller consistently becomes unresponsive every few minutes. After a minute or two, it comes back.

How many other people are hitting this? I've had this a couple days now, but am considering sending it back -- this problem makes the system pretty much unusable.

2008-03-27, 00:14
I have report it as a bug 7603 and I get respons. But it doesnt seem to be many users having this problem. I havent found a pattern jet when the remote get unresponsive. But I'm getting that most frekvent is just after the dimm and when the screen turnes black. If I wait longer, for example 1-2 songs before touching the remote it workes fine.
Don't think that you should send it back yet. Let see what the support says and what will happen in the next nigtly realese.
The Duet just got realesed and we got the first delivery. Their ought to be some problems an all new models. Both software and cars.

2008-03-27, 02:28
I am experiencing this. Reported as bug 7376. I think bug 7603 is a duplicate of 7376.

I am sure the bug will be fixed quite soon.

As a work around, try to increase the time before the controller goes to sleep. The default is one minute. By increasing that time, you will experience the problem more seldom.

2008-03-28, 00:10
Reported as bug 7376. I think bug 7603 is a duplicate of 7376
Yepp, that my fault, I searched but didn't found that it was allready reported.

After a factory reset or updating software, I can't reproduce the problem until I try 5-6 times. Then it lockes almost every time the controller screen goes to sleep.
But if I put the remote away for lets say 5-10 minutes or longer then it starts directly.
Soo, a bit irritating but I think as you say sbjaerum, the bug will get fixed soon.
I can se in the bug report that you are closing up on the problem. Keep up the good work

2008-03-28, 01:55
I found this too - and not always after the same actions. The best 'cure' that I have found is to switch the remote off and then back on again. This usually sorts it out - at least for a while

2008-03-28, 02:13
I think I'm having the same problem (look here http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=45168)
When the controler can't connect the clock turns on and after a very short time the screen turns black.
I can't recal that I had the problem right after start, but i seems that the problem is getting worse after a while.

2008-03-28, 06:56
I've been having that problem as well. It went away with a full reset but that was a pain as it took me a while to reinput all my settings. Hopefully this bug will be fixed pronto with a new firmware update.

2008-03-28, 12:21
Hi Everyone,

By the sounds of it I am having the same problem with my Duet too. The controller sees the network with no problem, but the receiver's connection is intermittent. I also find that when the receiver is trying to connect, my wireless connection goes down.

p.s.I have a Squeezebox 3 which operates with no problems at all.


2008-03-28, 18:52
All of a sudden, I am having a similar issue. My Duet has been working flawlessly until yesterday, when it began to fail. The controller seems to be on the fritz and effectively shuts down the receiver, i.e. no music. I have moved the receiver from place to place, thinking that it was a connectivity issue, but the problem is location independent. The controller will freeze up, displaying the circular graphic indefinitely. I have removed the battery from the controller, as well as resetting the the receiver, several times. As symi reported, when the receiver is trying to connect, the wireless connection goes down.

2008-03-28, 19:26
Couple of suggestions - allocate the Controller and Receiver a static IP if your router will let you do this. If your wireless goes down when you try to use the receiver, it may indicate an IP conflict.

Also, contact Slim Devices support if it persists. There have been occasional (and I mean occasional) reports of hardware failure in the beta testing program - if they think it sounds like that may be an issue, they will likely swap it out for you.

2008-03-29, 08:54
I've been having the same issue since I received mine a few weeks ago. I've made sure my router firmware is up to date, I've tried moving the router to another location, I've done several factory resets, etc. My remote will become unresponsive and the little > will start spinning around. After a minute or so it will respond again, sometimes going through a mad flutter of commands as if it's catching up with what I've tried to get it to do.

I'm about to send mine back for a swap, I suppose. I love this product, but I agree with the poster who said it basically makes the item all but unusable when it's acting this way.

2008-04-03, 08:14
Downloaded latest 7.0.1-18321
Reinstalled and manually (meny,settings,advanced....)uploaded the Jive.
Tried 15 times to replicate the bug 7376.
This was something I had major problems with before.
It seem to be working now.
Running XP SP2, Comodo Firewall, AVG Antivirus + spyware, and an Speedtouch 100mbit+Router

2008-04-03, 17:20
Silly question...is it network issues?

I find my controller will become a bit sluggish if I get quite far from my router or get too many walls in my way.

2008-04-05, 18:58
Downloaded latest 7.0.1-18321
Reinstalled and manually (meny,settings,advanced....)uploaded the Jive.
Tried 15 times to replicate the bug 7376.
This was something I had major problems with before.
It seem to be working now.
Running XP SP2, Comodo Firewall, AVG Antivirus + spyware, and an Speedtouch 100mbit+Router

I downloaded the nightly from 4/4 per Julius' (Logitech support) suggestion, and my issue seems to be resolved, too. All is well, and I love this product :D

al dente
2008-04-09, 15:31
I do have a similar problem with my SB3 (not Duet). This is rather frustrating since you cannot enjoy music properly on the not so small investment, although I understand the nature of product development using public domain software.

It seems that this problem was introduced by migrating to Squeeze Centre 7.0 and the new firmware according to the fact that I have no problem like this at all when I have reverted to Slim Server 6.5.3 - 12376 and SB3 firmware 81. Soooo, this is my temporary workaround.

Regarding Siduhe's suggestion, as far as I can see in my situation, this is not likely to be coming from the method of networking (my SB3 is on the wired Ethernet, with a static IP address).

2008-04-27, 12:16
Maybe not the same, but when I got SB3 I, and a lot of other owners had this problem with the remote.
I was using SlimServer 6.5.3 at the time.
As far as I recall I solved the problem with a router firmware update.