View Full Version : FLAC issues on WHS and SC 7.0

2008-03-25, 02:58
I've moved from running V6.x on a QNAP TS-101 to V7.0 on a Windows Home Server. I've now got some FLACS that just repeatably stop half way through and others that give pops and clicks. I've tried converting them to MP3 and WAV using DBpoweramp reference and they play ok and the flac checksum is valid so I think the file transfer from the QNAP to the WHS was valid.

My settings are all default i.e FLACs are streamed as FLACS.

I can only conclude it's either the new firmware on the SB3 or SC7.0 running on WHS

Any suggestions on what I can do to try and resolve it? I've got a Duet on order so I don't really want to go back to V6.x.

2008-03-25, 03:59

I also moved from SS6.5 on a TS101 to SC7.0 on WHS about 4 weeks ago. I transferred my music files over to the new machine, and all seemed great, but there were about 10% of the albums that would not play (similar symptoms to yours). I tried all sorts of things, but to no avail, and eventually had to re-rip them direct onto the WHS machine.

Everything now works fine - cannot work out what went wrong, unless there was corruption during the transfer process.

I too made the change because of Duet - this arived last week, and I have not been disappointed - it really is a great piece of kit, and when yours arrives I am sure you will love it.


2008-03-25, 04:57
But the checksum is fine and they convert to other formats ok. If there was corruption then you're saying some of my Word, Excel, etc. documents will also be faulty and if that's the case I'm stuffed.

2008-03-25, 07:00
I don't know if this is related to your issue, but you may want to read this advisory from MS: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946676/en-us?spid=12624

The problem seems limited to a very specific situation - copying files from one internal drive to another within WHS - but maybe also affects files copied from an external drive?

2008-03-25, 08:17
The WHS bug only effects multiple drives in the storage pool. I've only got one so I'm ok.

I've just installed the latest nightly of SC 7.0.1 and the track that wouldn't play now does!

I suppose I should really reinstall the 7.0 release and see if it fails again.

2008-03-25, 08:53
I have not had any problems with FLAC and WHS over multiple drives, my understanding is that the WHS bug only affects editing of files not accessing.

2008-03-25, 12:09
FWIW, I've also been problem-free listening to FLACs served up from my WHS box with SC7.