View Full Version : No PC Standby after Squeeze Box Turned Off due to "Quick Resume"

2008-03-24, 12:55
I had a problem with my PC not timing out to Standby after turning off my Squeeze Box. I was able to solve this problem, and since I haven't any other postings about this, here's what I found.

There is a known issue with Intel Viiv "Quick Resume" which can prevent a PC from timing out to Standby when using a Squeeze Box.
If "Quick Resume" is enabled, and you wake up the PC from Standby via a Wake on LAN by turning on a Squeeze Box, it will never go back to Standby after the Squeeze Box is turned off. (The only way to get to Standby is to do something on the PC itself.)

"Quick Resume" may be found under Power Management in the Windows Control Panel. I solved my problem by disabling "Quick Resume".


"The system will not timeout to Hibernation or Standby via the system inactivity timer if the system has awakened to Quick Resume mode from Hibernation or Standby from a programmed video recording or a wake on LAN event .
Workaround: Wake the system to S0 via the mouse or keyboard and then allow the inactivity timer to expire or manually put the system in to Hibernation or Standby."