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2008-03-24, 11:00
First off, sorry if this already repeats discussions that other users have had regarding the new server software.

Just writing to rant that installing SC 7.0 has not been easy, and after fiddling (which I never had to do with prior versions) I gave up, uninstalled it, and moved back to 6.5.4.

Have to say that I'm the proud owner of a Squeezebox -- have had it nearly a year and am quite pleased with it. I keep my server software on a Mac Mini that's about 3 yrs old but does the job.

My issues with SC 7.0:
(1) First the server wouldn't start properly. Had to come to these forums to learn how to clear out the caches, prefs, etc.

(2) Server would start; upgraded firmware on Squeezebox.

(3) Building up the library again seemed to stall -- my library is pretty big (ca. 1,800 albums, 20k songs), but it seemed to crap out after about 30 albums and not continue building up the library.

(4) Looked like my old playlists were not showing up. In spite of the deleting I did to get the SC 7.0 to start, the old playlists still showed up when I installed 6.5.4.

The new interface seems nice -- like the ability to ffwd and rewind by clicking on the graphic, which is good for long tracks, interviews, etc.

If anyone has some suggestions on how to improve my mileage I'd appreciate it. Otherwise I'd have to say that this release has disappointed me because it didn't work, and I hope the developers take notice. The beauty with Slimserver / Squeezebox has been that it just works, and works well -- what's going on?

Some technical data that might be helpful: (after switching back to trusty 6.5.4)

SlimServer Version: 6.5.4 - 12568 - Mac OS X 10.4 (8A428) - EN - utf8

Thanks everyone.

2008-03-24, 11:39
I'm also a mac user and I had a very smooth transition from 6.5.4 to 7 so I'd guess it's a matter of clearing out all of the old slimserver files and caches of slim and your web browser.

i'd advocate that you try to upgrade again because the improvements are significant and it should work well on your mac.

good luck!