View Full Version : Problems with most Internet Radio stations after upgrading

2008-03-24, 08:13
I bought a new Synology Disk Station 107+ and upgraded to the newest SW levels with the intention of running two Squeezebox v3 devices at home.

So far everything with the exception of the Internet Radio Streaming is running well.
A few of the predefined radio stations are coming through ok* (see list below), but most respond with one of the follwing errors:

after the usual message: Now playing... (checking stream...)
the problem is mostly the following:
"Problem: can't connect to server for ..."

sometimes, I got:
"Timed out: waiting for data"

in one instance there was the following error
"Error: Unable to page ASF audio stream"

Please note that I checked whether the firewall (ZYWALL) had any part in this but the problem persisted even after disabling the firewall and content filtering.

I wonder what happened, because before upgrading, there was no issue with radio streaming (but I don't wanto to go back to my old DiskStation DS-101g+ which was less powerful)

Hope someone recognizes the issue and can point me to the solution. Thanks a lot

* Radio Stations working ok: very few, such as
Amsterdam: BNR Nieuwsradio
New York: WFDU FM

*Radio Stations not working: most, such as
New York: WNYC2 HS
New York: WBAI FM
New York: WAXQ FM
Zurich: all
Amsterdam: FunX Amsterdam
Amsterdam: Radio 1

Hard-/Firmware: Synology Inc. Disk Station 107+ / 2.0.3-0514 (2007/09/11)
SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0-17793
MySQL Version: 4.1.15
SSODS Release: 3.0 beta5