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Simon Turner
2004-02-17, 02:13
Hi Kevin,
there is no such thing as a "noisy wav". One time I play a wav it is fine,
the next time th same wav sounds overlaid with this sort of static noise.
Whcih wav is "noisy" appears to be completely random.

Anyway, I am not too bothered now! As you've told me that Flac's are played
through the Squeezebox as wavs I can do my sound comparisons (CD/Sqeezebox
analogue/Squeezebox DAC/Squeezebox with Arcam DAC) using Flacs.

If I have a moment I'll look further at the wavs and if I come up with
anything concrete I'll post it to the list.


Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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Quoting Simon Turner <simon (AT) brighton (DOT) co.uk>:

> Wavs play fine on my local Winamap player every time but I have problems
> the Squeezebox.
> Wavs will now play on the Squeezebox but they generally sound overlaid
> static (or a sort of grainy, gross white noise). However, sometimes they
> sound fine. Which wav sounds bad when does not seem to follow any pattern.
> The first wav may sound good and the next bad. The first may sound bad,
> I play an MP3, go back to the same wav and it sounds good.

The log isn't showing anything obvious. In fact, the log seems to look fine.
Static over sound can be caused by a mixed up little endian / big endian.
However, both mp3 and wav play through squeezebox without any processing. I
don't know offhand why it would end up with problems. Flac's convert to WAV
play out to squeezebox, so I would think its not the squeezebox. Is it
specific wav's that give you noise? What happens if you convert a noisy wav
FLAC and play it?