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2008-03-23, 16:21
How do I access squeezecenter from one of my other computers on my network. I wnat to use my laptop to control my squeezevox.

I put in but there was no connection. This works on the computer the slimserver is on.


2008-03-23, 16:33 is a self-reference, always referring to the computer on which you are working.

You need the network address of the computer. If your router is at (they vary, but it is usually something like that), the computer will have an address of form 192.168.1.x for some x.

But x can vary from time to time, unless you set a static address. How you set a static address will depend on your OS and router.

2008-03-23, 18:36
I used remote desktop and that worked. Can I log in directly to the slimserver in 7.0?


2008-03-23, 19:00
It they are both windows machines, windows "knows" the ip address of the other machine by its windows name.

From you laptop browser, just connect to


2008-03-23, 19:02
There's no reason to run remote desktop when you can simply use a web browser to control squeezecenter from another computer.
All you need is the IP address of the server PC.
To find out the server's IP open a command window (Start - run - type "cmd", enter), type "ipconfig" and hit enter.
The IP address of your server PC will be shown.
On any other computer on your network simply type
in any browser window's address bar.

To find out your server's IP address you can also navigate to
Settins - Information - Squeezecenter Information - Host IP Address
using the remote on your SB3.


2008-03-24, 13:38
This worked!! Thanks!