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2008-03-23, 10:49
My playlists show up in SC but they are empty. Tried a clear and rescan to no avail. I am pointing SC to my Itunes Music Folder. It finds the playlists fine but not the music attached to it, but all my artists and songs are in the SC Music Library.
My basic settings are:
Music Folder - D:\iTunes\iTunes Music
Playlists Folder - Z:\iTunesMusic

iTunes SC settings
Use iTunes is checked
iTunes Music Library xml location - Z:\Loss Less Library\iTunes Library.xml
iTunes Music Folder - left blank
iTunes Playlist Format - Prefix iTunes
Suffix left blank

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


2008-03-23, 21:14
I figured it out, searched the support pages and found the answer, the basic settings page should be left blank if you are using iTunes to manage your library. Point SC to where your iTunes xml file and music files are and it works like a charm.


2008-03-23, 22:22
How can i make sure all of my itunes playlists are in the same spot? I can never get SC to find 100% of my playlists... always missing about 1/3 of them for some reason... it's got to be for whatever reason, some of my itunes playlists are stored in different locations??? Very frustrating!!

2008-03-25, 11:16

I am far from an expert but all my iTunes playlists show up in SC with the settings as described above. I have always assumed the iTunes playlists are imbedded in the xml file. If you are using iTunes to manage your music in SC make sure in SC Basic Settings the Music Folder and Playlists Folder are left blank. In the SC iTunes Settings point SC to your iTunes Library xml file and to your iTunes Music Folder. Perform a clear and rescan. This worked for me. Hope it helps.


2008-07-04, 16:20
I tried this and SqueezeCenter can't even find my music when I only use iTunes and blank the path to my music in the basic settings (and tell it to clear and rescan my library).

It finds 8 songs out of 3500.

Music lives on my NAS box. SqueezeCenter lives on my NAS box. iTunes Library.xml lives on my NAS box and I use it remotely in iTunes on my Mac. However, the MP3 files are in a hierarchy of my own devising and I do NOT let iTunes manage my collection.

From the Mac, music files are present under /Volumes/media/music, and this path is reflected in the iTunes Library.xml file.

From the NAS (where SqueezeCenter is running), music files are present under /shares/media/music.

I find it especially weird that SqueezeCenter manages to find 8 files out of about 3500 in the iTunes Library.