View Full Version : Controller restarts?

2008-03-23, 08:06
Hello, just bought the Duet. Very nice, but I saw (since today) that it happened now for 3 times that it reboots itself (the controller). I do not know why it does that. During the setup the controller was updated with a new version of the software. Then after a while I was going thru the menus and saw the update software option. When I clicked it it said that there was updated software available. Downloaded it and checked the version, it was still the same before the manual download. Any ideas why this is possible and how it comes that it restarts its selve. I think it happened when the display is off (if you don't use it for 1,5 minute or so).



2008-03-23, 08:54
When new software is available for the controller it will prompt you without you needing to go through menus. The fact that it says new software is available when you go through the settings menu is a known about problem and on the list to be looked at.

2008-03-24, 08:04
I still don't get it. Just now again the controller restarts just like that. No update, just a restart... and when it's starting up it is connecting again and then it is okay again, but this should not be happening does it?

2008-03-24, 08:28
A couple of things worth noting:

1) Is your controller actually restarting or just going to sleep? When it wakes up there is usually a wait of a few seconds while it reconnects to the network.
2) There was/is a known bug which caused occasional restarts of the controller. If it isn't fixed already it should be soon I imagine, I can't find the ticket right now.

2008-03-24, 08:44
Okay, I'm glad (in a way ;) ) that I'm not the only one! So this is a problem/bug. Hope it will be fixed soon.

Something else:

When you go to ADVANCED -> FACTORY TEST -> SUSPEND TEST SETTINGS you have the options:

Sleep Timeout: 10
Suspend Timeout: 3600
Suspend Enabled: <selected, black square>
Suspend Wake: <not selected>

Can somebody tell me what what is and does because I've been playing with it but I feel it doesn't change the timeout settings. I'm also curious why these settings are under FACTORY TEST...