View Full Version : Big, bright clock while playing?

2008-03-22, 21:56
Here's what I'd like to do: set up a screensaver that shows me the clock in full brightness and full size while playing or idle (but not turned off) but still gives me a two line display when I'm fiddling with the menu. Is there some way to set this up?

I'm mostly using Squeezenetwork for this player, if that matters...

2008-03-22, 23:41
Assuming you are talking about a duet controller... have a look at screen settings. I think you could set up the analogue screen saver to kick in after a few seconds, turn off other screen savers and turn off screen dimming. Otherwise translate instructions for the SB3 player settings on web gui.


2008-03-23, 07:06
Squeezebox Classic (aka SB3) or Squeezebox Duet?