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2008-03-22, 19:23
I am now getting the message "Internal Rhapsody Error . unable to authenticate user" on my SB. I can't play anything off Rhapsody through squeezecenter. Any idea how to fix this?
I can play Rhapsody content directly using Rhapsody on another computer.
I recently installed the Rhapsody application on the same machine that is running squeezecenter. I never thought this would affect anything but perhaps it has. I have since uninstalled Rhapsody on my squeezecenter computer but that did not help at all.
I can play Pandora content via squeezecenter just fine, suggesting my squeezenetwork credentials are still valid.
This is exasperating. Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

2008-03-22, 19:49
Just to clarify when this occurs:
1) When I try to play a track I find from searching
2) When I try to play a channel
3) When I try to play a track from the top tracks section of the Music Guide.

Nothing works.

2008-03-23, 10:49
Fixed the problem.
The computer that was running squeezecenter was also logged into the Rhapsody web player. It did this automatically when I went to the Rhapsody web site. Once I logged out of Rhapsody from the Rhapsody website, squeezecenter worked AOK.
A suggestion would be to have some kind of error message in the squeezecenter interface when this kind of error happens. It was a pain to run around my house to see what the player was reporting.

2008-03-23, 12:26
I am getting the same error message on my squeezebox display:

Internal Rhapsody Error: Unable to authenticate the user

I am not running any Rhapsody.com client software (I am using an Ubuntu Linux desktop PC) or the Sqeezeserver. The sqeezebox connects to the net using my WiFi network. I have verified that the problem is not related to network connectivity by successfully playing streaming internet radio content.

I then visited rhapsody.com, logged in to my account, then immediately logged out. I then power-cycled the squeezebox.

Returning to squeezenetworkc.com, I once again tried to play any Rhapsody.com track. The same error message appeared.

So at this point, I am stuck - no more Rhapsody for me!

Any other ideas?

2008-03-23, 13:08
About the only thing I could suggest would be to go back to Rhapsody.com (I assume this is on the machine that is running squeezecenter), and log in and try and play a song. Perhaps there is something else that is preventing it from playing. Once you have played a song out of Rhapsody.com, log out and then access squeezecenter through the web interface from the same computer and try to play a rhapsody song from there to see if that works.
I assume you have never had the rhapsody client installed on that machine. If that is not the case, you might want to try reinstalling the client, see if it work, then uninstalling the client, rebooting and see if SC works.
If that doesn't work I don't have any other suggestions. Sorry.

2008-03-23, 13:16
These are the steps:

1. Go to www.rhapsody.com
2. Sign-in.
3. Play a song for a few seconds. Press stop.
4. Click 'Sign out'
5. Wait until page refreshes
6. Close Firefox
7. Start firefox, go to squeezenetwork.com
8. Try to play a rhapsody.com track: Same error

I do not have squeezecenter installed on my PC, nor do I have any Rhapsody client (for linux??) installed on my PC.

Grr...I guess I'll submit a support request.


2008-03-23, 15:43
I've tried resetting my Rhapsody password and then updating my SqueezeNetwork-Rhapsody-Account information to match. Still no go.

I was using Rhapsody just before I updated to SqueezeCenter for the first time.

2008-03-23, 15:51
I did the same things - resetting Rhapsody.com password, then updating my account information on Squeezenetwork.

The only difference is that I do not have SqueezeCenter installed. The only means by which I have accessed my Rhapsody.com account is via their web interface at www.rhapsody.com.

This was all working fine until sometime yesterday (3/22) evening I think.


2008-03-23, 22:40
Hi! I wonder if there has been something generally wrong with the Rhapsody service 2-3 days ago, and if that possible is the cause for some problems you experienced ... I got my Duet Wednesday last week, set it up and also created an account on Rhapsody, and things worked fine until Friday. Then suddenly I couldn't any longer play anything from Rhapsody on my system. The SBC just didn't do anything at all when I tried, although for example Pandora worked perfectly. Then on Saturday evening Rhapsody seemed to load up some songs, I could see the album covers on my SBC, and it seemed that they were starting up for 15 seconds or so (the time indicator moved) but still no sound. Later on in the evening it seemed to have a kind of a "hickup", i.e. again it seems the time indicator started up, went to 20 seconds, then restarted again, went to 5-10 seconds and then restarted for a third time and then the sound was there. This pattern kept repeating for several songs/channels I tried on Rhapsody. Finally Sunday morning, everything worked fine again, my system just played the Rhapsody music perfectly again.

2008-03-23, 23:22
Without any specific interventions, Rhapsody.com seems to be working again. On the minus side, it seems as though I can no longer control my player via squeezenetwork.com - only through the remote control.


2008-03-24, 03:24
Rhapsody released a new client version 3 days ago and retracted it yesterday when they found out from users that it's buggy.
Maybe they made a corresponding release and retract on the server side.
Their development & QA is obviously lacking. They also lack a serious beta program to check for serious bugs before release. They could learn a thing or two from SlimDevices.


2008-03-24, 06:07
Rhapsody released a new client version 3 days ago and retracted it yesterday when they found out from users that it's buggy.
Maybe they made a corresponding release and retract on the server side.

Thanks for the update on this, that probably explains the problems I experienced on Friday-Saturday!

2008-03-24, 08:47
To wit, from the release notes:

Fixed: Sign in failure requiring flush of cookies
Perhaps the idea behind this particular fix needs to be taken into account by or propagated to SqueezeCenter/Squeezenetwork?

Fingers crossed,

2008-03-24, 12:29
That was a bug in their PC client. Sometimes the login starts to permanently fail for what seems to be an unknown random reason. Clearing IE cookies (via the browser or with a tool such as ccleaner for example) usually resolves the login problem.
I doubt it has anything to do with Rhapsody Direct.