View Full Version : FW 36 Thrapped My Transporter

2008-03-22, 15:50
Screwed the whole thing up.
Had to reset the wired network settings until SqueezeCenter recognized it.

Worst is the right hand display for the VU meters etc which has a 1/2" blank bar right through the middle of every display option.

Anyone else experience this?



2008-03-22, 16:32
Sounds like it might be worth factory defaulting it. Remove power and start it up with + pressed.

Interesting on the right display. I had something similar happen to an SB3 display after about 3 weeks of running which seemed to be related to heat as it went away when the SB3 had been powered down for a while but soon came back when powered on.

Yours may of course be nothing to do with it.