View Full Version : FLAC and tags

Jason Holtzapple
2004-02-16, 15:57
--- David Cullen <slimp3 (AT) another-perspective (DOT) net> wrote:
> Thanks Jason,
> not really a techy so aplogies if my questions seem basic!!
> I can see metaflac.exe in my flac files but how do I access it?

It's a command line application. I'm not really familiar with
the Windows command line.

> I've looked in the flac frontend programme and the tag config there shows
> artist and album but slimserver doesn't seem to see it? Happy to use flac to
> tag as running flac seperately to eac.

Try initiating a recan from server preferences or stop and start the
server. If the files still aren't being sorted correctly you should
verify the tags with metaflac --list or some FLAC-tag-aware program.

Sorry I can't help more. Windows isn't my primary platform.


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