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2008-03-22, 09:54
We just got a Squeezebox duet package our first SlimDevices product and are really enjoying using it with SqueezeNetwork and Rhapsody.

We have run into a couple of issues related I presume to our LAN setup that I am hoping someone on this forum can help us with.

1) Setting up the receiver as wired / not WiFi

I had wanted to connect the receiver with a wired ethernet connection, but during the controller setup the receiver automatically connected to my wireless network and I can not seem to force it to use a wired connection. Can anyone direct me how to "fix" this?

2) Controller can't find my home PC / squeezecenter

While SqueezeNetwork has been working well, I have not been able to get SqueezeCenter to successfully connect to the squeezebox receiver, nor can I get the controller to find my home PC running squeezecenter. SqueezeCenter does show the receiver in its dropdown list, but when I select it and then select yes in response to "This player is currently connected to squeezenetwork. Do you want it to switch back to SqueezeCenter?" it drops the squeezenetwork connection but does not connect to squeezecenter. The squeezebox receiver does not show up in the squeezecenter settings menus at all. Similarly, the controller only shows squeezenetwork as a music source (my home PC running squeezecenter does not show up). Can anyone help me troubleshoot this issue?

Pertinent information:

1) I have disabled the PC's firewall to eliminate that as a possible cause

2) My LAN setup: Comcast cable modem connected to a Linksys WRT54G ver.6 (my wireless connection for both the reciever and controller) which is in turn has a wired connection to a Netgear RP614 4 port router. My PC is has a wired connection to the Netgear router. I would also like to create a wired connection between the Netgear router and my squeezebox receiver.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Byron

2008-03-22, 11:55
In order to setup the receiver as ethernet connected you need to plug in a working ethernet cable before the setup. If the SBR doesn't see the ethernet network it doesn't offer the option to connect that way. You may also need to factory default the SBR but I don't think so.

On the connectivity I don't know the netgear router but I am going to assume it is an ethernet router rather than an ADSL router and that you have the upstream port connected to one of the linksys downstream ports. If that is the case then you have created two network segments probably on different IP networks. The server and the SB find themselves using a broadcast that is only transmitted within the same IP network. I suspect that if you ping the SB from the SC it may fail depending upon the capabilities of the linksys.

One way in which it might be resolved is to turn off DHCP on the netgear router if you are using it. The make sure that the link to the Linksys is plugged into one of the downstream ports of the netgear. Essentially turning it into a switch rather than a router.

2008-03-22, 12:45
Thanks for the quick response.

Your assumption about my network configuration is correct. I have the Netgear upstream (modem) port connected to one of the 4 Linksys downstream ports.

I will see if I can figure out how to turn off DHCP on the Netgear router to use it as a switch.

Thanks for your help, and I will post later to let you know if this worked.

Thanks - Byron

2008-03-22, 13:56
Zaragon's suggestion has fixed both of my problems.

Thanks for the great forum support.