View Full Version : Podcast-like feed with streaming audio doesn't work with new software

Stig Nygaard
2008-03-22, 07:24

I have constructed a RSS2 news feed with a weekly hit list. Each hit list is available as a broadcast using streaming audio, and I have "cheated" using the enclosure-tag to point at this streaming audio broadcast from each item in the RSS feed. So syntacticly this looks completely like a RSS podcast (but the audio is not downloadable, only streamable).

I'm pretty sure I saw this work as a podcast on both SlimServer and the old version of SqueezeNetwork, but it doesn't work anymore with the new version of SqueezeNetwork and with SqueezeCenter.

Any idea to get this to work with SqueezeCenter and the new SqueezeNetwork?

The feed:

Stig Nygaard
2008-03-23, 03:54
Hmm, just discovered that it might be a problem playing the audio stream itself, unrelated to the RSS/podcast syntax...

This plays in Windows Media Player but doesn't play with SqueezeCenter "Tune in URL":

* http://www.dr.dk/forms/published/playlistgen.aspx?qid=627448

It seems to forward to another address, but entering this directly in "Tune in URL" doesn't work either:

* http://www.dr.dk/forms/published/playlistgen.aspx?qid=627448&location=Lyngby&uri=http%3a%2f%2fwww.dr.dk%2fforms%2fpublished%2fp laylistgen.aspx

Audio codec: Windows Media Audio 9, 128 kbps, 48 kHz, stereo 1-pass CBR

Is it because it seems to be sent with mime-type "video/x-ms-asf" ?

(BTW, is there a "Tune in URL" in SqueezeNetwork, I can't find it?)