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2008-03-22, 06:53
Hi guys, I was almost decided to install SC7 but I have questions related to the integration and properly functioning of SC with iTunes on MAC OS X. I have read some topics in the Beginners section about SC7 not finding the Apple Lossless files and other issues. Was that just one isolated case or is it a problem at the moment with SC7? I have lots of files in that format and I have MAC only and so far the older version of SlimServer works very good with all my music files and plugins.

2008-03-22, 07:13
I use Linux, not Apple, but when I upgraded to SC7, I installed SC7, uninstalled it, reinstalled SS6.5 and repeated that process probably 6 or 7 times in trying to run down a problem. (Turned out to be that SC7 was sensitive to a bad soft-link in the music directory that wasn't bothering SS6.5. SC7 is running fine now.)

However, my point is: I had no problem with installing/uninstalling multiple times. (Though I was careful to keep a copy of my configuration files stored elsewhere.) It never took more than a few minutes to switch back to the old program.

I'd imagine that OSX can't be any more complicated in this regard. (Though obviously since I don't use it, that isn't a guarantee.)

2008-03-22, 10:21
Thanks for your reply. So I have to assume the problem is still there with SC7 and iTunes and Apple Lossless files. Maybe I should stay longer than I thought with SlimServe 6.5 until SC7 solves all the issues in a newer version...