View Full Version : SB3 turns off

2008-03-20, 21:52
When I log out of my Server 2003 machine, my SB3 shuts off. In order for the display to return I need to login to the server and not log out.

I'm running Server 2003 w/ SqueezeCenter 7.0 . Any help is appreciated.

2008-03-21, 03:50

It sounds like you are running SqueezeCenter as a user not as a service.

I am not in front of my machine right now but but if you go to

Start>All Programs>Squeezecenter>SqueezeCenter Start up Ootions

I think that is what it is anyway you should be able to change SqueezeCenter to run as a service and not have to be logged on.
That is how one of mine runs