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2008-03-20, 21:14
I love this duet, and it works perfect most of the time. When it causes me grief, it's usually after it has sat for a long time, like overnight and then i try to use it in the morning. I think the bottom line with this problem has something to do with SC. So here are a few questions, and thanks for your help:

1. In order to use the controller, does SC have to be 'up and running' on my computer? I prefer SC over SN because I like to have access to the music on my computer without having to mess with plugins, etc..

2. If I encounter 'Blue light' on SR, what are the 1st steps i need to do? When I have problems, the blue light is always 'on'.

3. Should i change the config of my duet to the ad hoc (spelling ??) set up? Would that help?

Windows xp, SR w/ ethernet cable, SC w/ wireless network

2008-03-21, 11:28
The controller needs to talk to either SC or SN otherwise it has very limited functionality. To play your own music then SC needs to be active (you could store your music on MP3Tunes and access it via SN).

The blue light on the receiver means that it is active on the network but it is unable to communicate with SC (or SN if you had it switched to SN).

Switching to Ad-Hoc mode wouldn't make much difference, you are better leaving everything working from the main WiFi. At a guess your server is going to sleep after a period of not being used. For Windows OS this is usually set in power settings in the control panel. Set the sleep and hibernate settings to never.

Often people do want to put the server to sleep say overnight. In this case they then need to configure it to Wake On LAN (WOL) so that the receiver (or any SB) can wake it up when you want to play music.