View Full Version : Get a Duet now, it can change your life!

2008-03-20, 19:07
Ok, If you are on the fence. Don't hesitate to get a Duet, it has changed my life!

Going to digital music has changed the way I listen to music. OK, I am not from the MP3 generation. I consider myself somewhat of an audiophile. I ripped all of my music to flac and I am listening to albums that I have not heard in awhile. This is incredible, sound quality is excellent.

Keep in mind, that crappy CD's will not sound any better than they did previously. If you have several thousand dollars invested in your system (mid-fi)go get a Duet now. I'm 50 years old and this is the best audio investment I have ever made.

Thank you SLIM DEVICES!!!

2008-03-20, 21:12
Yea, I keep trying to convince my dad to use the SB3 I got him. (he'll be 55 soon) Every time I'm over it's unpluged and off in a corner. Then again he still uses a portable CD player pluged into his system. He's computer literate, so using it isn't a technical problem. I built a slimserver that auto-rips CDs so my mom can just put CDs in. Maybe she would have an easier time with the Duet remote. I'd probably not use the SBR as it doesn't support IRblaster. The only way I can get my mom to use the SB3 is if it turns on the stereo and selects the correct input on it's own.