View Full Version : Upgrading SlimServer To SqueezeCenter 7

2008-03-20, 10:37

About to upgrade to SqueezeCenter from a SlimServer installation that has been running flawlessly for the last year or so.

Any tips/advice on performing this upgrade? Should I install over the top, or remove all traces of SlimServer and install fresh.

Also should I use the main download or the daily build.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Secret Squirrel
2008-03-20, 11:17
This topic has discussed MANY times. Check out some of the threads in the forum. To consolidate it all just go ahead and download the latest from the web site and install over your current Slimserver.

As to which version, you have to decide for yourself. 7.0.1 (the daily build) is still in beta, so if you're up to a few possible problems (none that I've had or read of) and you're willing to report bugs if found, go that route. Otherwise, I'd recommend 7.0

Enjoy the music!