View Full Version : Remote access of web interface and softsqueeze

2008-03-20, 08:33
I have SqueezeCenter running on a server in my home, and working just fine with my Duet. I can reach the web interface of that SqueezeCenter from work, but just typing "http://servername:9000" into a browser.

I then installed softsqueeze, and tried both "http://servername" and "http://servername:9000" as the SqueezeCenter hostname, and receive a "Connection failed" message.

Any words of wisdom? Thanks in advance.

2008-03-20, 08:58
Drop the "http://" and the ":9000" - the hostname field wants just that, the name.

2008-03-20, 09:28
Brilliant - that worked. Thanks Radish....

2008-03-20, 11:15
Cool - enjoy!