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2008-03-19, 12:32
I'm looking for documentation for how to control / sync multiple receivers from the SB Duet controller. I'm thinking about placing multiples around the house for whole house audio.

Thanks in advance...

2008-03-19, 13:40
You can get a good first hand experience by installing and running SoftSqueeze (see Extras in the SC7 interface). Depending on how many computers you have on your network, you should be able to simulate at least one additional zone. Softsqueeze syncing has traditionally not been as efficient as with the hardware boxes, but I believe this has been improved in SqueezeCenter.

Otherwise, this is from the SB3 manual:

"Controlling Multiple Squeezeboxes with one SlimServer

Any number of Squeezeboxes on your local network can connect to a single SlimServer. Each player operates independently of the others, so you can play different music on each one. You can also synchronize them to play the same music in every room of your house simultaneously.

If you have more than one player connected to your SlimServer, a drop-down list will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the web interface so that you can choose which player to control.
To synchronize multiple players with the web interface:
1. In the web interface, click on Player Settings, then Audio.
2. In the Synchronize section of the page, choose the player that you’d like to synchronize. Click Change."

The Duet manual has much less. Both should probably have more.

2008-03-20, 08:13
Great info - thanks.