View Full Version : Encoding issues and FLAC playback

David Cullen
2004-02-16, 01:49
Thanks kdf - all sorted now - and working great.

Have decided to rip to flac - so now the long process begins!
> FLAC.exe
> After reading the archives I saw that I had to put flac.exe into
> c:\winnt\system32
> I've done this, rebooted the server and my slimp3, but the slimp3 still
> won't play back .flac files.

do you have lame.exe copied there too? you will need both to play back to
slimp3. go to server settings, additional, debugging and check d_source,
click CHANGE. At the top will be a message, including a link to the log.
the log and see what it says after you try to play a FLAC file. Look for
command its trying to use. if you see "" instead of flac.exe and lame.exe,
the server is not finding those executables.