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2008-03-19, 09:42
This is a Vista issue - but affects Squeezecenter. I am looking for one of the gurus on these forums to point me to a solution - which I believe is tied to Vista permissions.

SqueezeCenter 7 running under Vista Home Premium.
Data stored on internal 320Gb SATA drive (K:).
Music folder is (was, burt see below): K:\media\FLAC
Folder shared as \\server\media\FLAC

Ripping CDs to FLAC on wireless XP (SP2) laptop.
Copy ripped FLACs to \\server\media\FLAC
Folder format below FLAC is Artist\Album\flac files

I currently have ~180 artists and ~200 albums

When I copy my newly ripped flacs to the server, they do not show under the "Music Folder" browse.
Rescan - and they still do not show up.

Now - here is the wierd thing (in my opinion)!
Sit on the Vista box (shame there is no RDP in home versions :-(
Look in: \\server\media\FLAC
and the new folders/files are there
Look in: k:\media\FLAC
and the new folders/files are NOT there.
(Old folders are there that were copied from a USB to the hard drive under Vista)

Point Squeezecenter to \\server\media\FLAC instead of
\\server\media\FLAC and rescan and all of the music shows up.

So there are no problems with SC, but this threw me for a loop. I assume this is a privelidge issue, but no idea where to look (couldn't even figure a meaningful way to google it!)

Anyone have any ideas - it's disturbing to have 2 windows side by side pointing to the same folder and have different files showing!

Thanks for reading this


BTW - when I first got the Vista box my SB3 constantly disconnected and cut-out - it was due to Symantec 2008.
Even with all LAN traffic enabled in the firewall rules, I suspect that the packet checking was not efficient and killing the streaming. Even the network interface disappeared in certain scenarios! No problems since removing it.

2008-03-19, 17:55
Resolved - boy do I feel dumb!
My old external drive was still being shared - with the same path that the new internal drive was using, so my files were actually being copied to a different drive - so no wonder they weren't showing up!!!

I'm glad no-one responded :-)