View Full Version : Sorting albums by artist and some other bugs???

2008-03-19, 09:15

In browser view: Home>Albums sorting by 'Artist, Year, Album' is chosen. Some albums are listed by aritst, some are listed by Band (album artist). However, it seems that sort order is always by artist. What it means is that compilation albums that are listed by albumartist are sorted randomly, out of order, for their albumartist - they show on the list randomly, sorted by their highest ranked artist that is. For example:

1. <album 1> by Bach
2. <album 2> by Bach
3. <album 3> by Jacques Loussier Trio
4. <album 4> by Bach
5. <album 5> by Glenn Gould
6. <album 6> by Bach

where album 3 is a compilation of baroque artists that includes Bach and album 5 is Goldberg Variations (all Bach, and Glenn Gould album artists). BTW, I know it can be chnaged by <...>SORT tags, but the default behavior doesn't seem right.

As a second issue, why is album 5 listed by band (Glenn Gould) when it is not a compilation - Bach is the only artist?

And, since I'm at it, looks like number of artists reported varies from screen to screen. Home screen reports (what appears to be a number of cleen artists + album artists), while Home>Albums screen reports total number of artists, standalone and compilations; 400-ish vs 700-ish in my case.