View Full Version : Help needed : SC7 on Linux is not found by SB3

2008-03-19, 01:02
Hi all !

I've just installed the latest version of SC7 on my Dell (Fedora Core 3). No problem at all during installation, library is scanned fine.

Went to Firefox localhost.localdoman:9000
SC7 starts with no problem, but my SB3 couldn't find it.

Any solutions ?


Have SC7 center installed under WinXP on the same machine ( I have dual boot - WinXp and FC3 ) works just fine

Mark Miksis
2008-03-19, 08:32
Have you disabled the FC3 firewall or opened the appropriate ports?

2008-03-19, 15:54
Hi Fletch !

Thanks a lot, I didn't configure the firewall to open port 9000 - my fault. Works fine now