View Full Version : Local Radio stations finally found!!

2008-03-18, 22:56
I could never get my 'locals' to work because every station always said 'not supported', but i found a different way to get them. On squeezecenter, go to RadioTime, and instead of clicking on 'local radio', go to 'browse by location', click on United States, then your State, then your City, and wa la... There are all of your locals, at least in my case. And none of them say 'not supported'!!

2008-03-19, 08:45
are you sure? in my case when you go to browse by location, it ONLY shows the same stations that ARE supported.

In other words, the radio stations that are listed as not supported when you go "local radio" are just not listed at all when you drill down by "browse by location".

Same result - I still cant listen to the stations that are NOT supported.

2008-03-19, 18:22
never mind... all of my stations that were 'not supported' before, just became available now for some reason. So they are available and work just fine in the 'local radio' section and also in the location, us, city method. sorry

2008-03-20, 09:13
I noticed this over the weekend. One of the local AM radio stations that I relied on my Squeezebox for receiving (very close high power lines) stopped working. Something was fixed over the weekend and everything is great again.

2008-03-20, 09:25
I have some local AM stations that are owned by ClearChannel and broadcast RealAudio redirected streams. I had successfully installed Alien BBC 2.0, but stil was not able to connect - SqueezeCenter reported an unsupported stream.

But today, the unsupported comment is gone, and the SB3 connects just fine. I'm running SC 7 and Vista Basic SP1.

Does anyone know what has happened ?


2008-03-23, 15:46
RadioTime and Logitech made a change so the "protected" streams from Clear Channel and other major providers work once again. The service user agent string had changed some time ago. Sorry to be sloppy and not have caught it sooner. Bill Moore, RadioTime