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2008-03-18, 21:38
I am in a hotel in the boonies in Nebraska. I can listen to any CD in my collection (haven't loaded everything yet but 200+ CD's is a lot of good stuff so far.)

My music is in central Georgia.

I fed the CD's to two PC's pointed at the same itunes library... put in a cd in and waited (or not) for the CD to eject... now it's in the library. Two PC's are faster than one.

Now the CD's are available from anywhere on the planet where a wifi (or wire) connection (to DSL/cable) is available. Tools let me determine how fast the connection really is.

The software will compress the lossless music I stored at home on the SqueezeServer to MP3 depending on where I want to play it.

On the target end, my laptop can output digital to an external digital converter (or can just pump to headphones or external powered speakers.)

Anything anywhere is incredible.

Anything anywhere is incredible even without buying hardware (so far I have not On-ed my Duet) but the SqueezeBox being a "remote" preamp is just what I was looking for..

If you have any questions about this #@@$, the slim folks can help and if they don't, I'll be happy to respond asap.

I am not an employee or under contract..

but I understand the show last night where the geeks turned-on the light from around the planet.