View Full Version : Attempted hack to AlienStream for SlimServer 5.1 compatibility-- have I got this partly right? Totally wrong?

Stewart Loving-Gibbard
2004-02-15, 14:48
I've been trying to get AlienStreams working under SlimServer 5.1. I don't think it works yet, but I am really not sure. I could use some help.

If someone could try this hack for me -- someone with both patience and multi-media Linux savvy -- I'd appreciate it. I don't run any kind of multimedia on my Linux server, so I'm unsure if I need a soundcard driver installed to make all this work. Everything *appears* to work properly, but I only get silence when I run it.

First, follow the directions from the original website, and download both files as directed:

Then, use the hack attached to this message, or download it from here:

Again, this is intended for those who *enjoy* debugging.

- Stew