View Full Version : Connecting via Duet to a wired system

2008-03-18, 13:04
I'm trying to clear up some uncertainties I have about the capability of the new Duet system.
I have 2 SB3's both running wired back to the router, which has its wireless transmission switched off. It is switched off for security and because it wasn't capable of transmitting to an SB3 positioned in the far reaches of the house.
My idea is to buy a Duet system. Connect the Duet receiver wired back to the router. Leave the router wireless transmission off and communicate with the Duet in ad hoc mode using the new controller.
If I use this setup will I have control of both of my SB3's through the Duet link?
As long as I position the Duet player centrally, I should always get a signal between the controller and the Duet.
Is this a feasible system or have I got it wrong?

2008-03-18, 13:21
Yes, you should have no problem controlling the existing SB3s via ad-hoc. This is because the Controller does not directly communicate with the SBR or SB3. It communicates with SqueezeCenter/Network which in turns sends the commands to the SBR/SB3

2008-03-19, 02:34
Thanks for the confirmation.
Reading the Duet manual I notice it states that ad-hoc connections using 802.11 will have a much reduced range. Has anybody had any experience of the likely distance limit operating in this mode?

2008-03-19, 02:38
The SBC certainly makes an ad-hoc wireless connection to the SBR during configuration, but I don't know whether or not it will retain that connection if there is no other wireless network availble. If I understand your question correctly, that is your intention: your wired router would not have any wireless running, so the SBR would be the only wireless access point. Is that correct?

2008-03-19, 03:30
That is correct. The wireless is switched off, all SB's are connected wired to the router and the router to the PC. All wireless communications limited to between SBC and SBR(Duet).