View Full Version : SC 7.0 interface problem

2008-03-17, 11:30
When I press 'save settings' in one of the player settings it loads automatically 'Last.fm Audioscrobbler'

This is very annoying because when I am configuring the IR Blaster plugin everytime when I change the device for example it flash to 'Last.fm Audioscrobbler'

I'm using the skin called Fishbon.

This problem happens in Firefox as in IE.

I have two plugins called 'Last.fm Audioscrobbler' and 'Last.fm SqueezeScrobbler'. Which one should i use?

Edit: When I press on another SB in the topmenu the playlist doesn't change :( So this means it looks the other SB is playing exactly the same as my current SB while in fact it isn't playing anything :/

It looks i can better go back to V6.5.4 because I have lots of problems with this version.