View Full Version : aac files -- do i really have to convert them all to mp3s?

Scot Rudmann
2004-02-15, 06:35
I have a powerbook g4 running the slimserver,
and a new apple airport extreme base station.

The whole system is working fine with the squeezebox,
EXCEPT -- there is frequent and annoying
dropout when I am playing back aac files (my stored itunes music is a
combination of mp3 and aac).

I am in the process of ripping my CD collection, and have now
set iTunes to rip them into mp3 instead
of AAC, so all the new files coming in play out fine
but I don't understand why the AAC files are a problem?

There is supposed to be 54mbps of bandwidth on the
airport network, i find it difficult to imagine an
aac file using that all up wheras an mp3 file being broadcast
does not? i have increased the mulitcast
rate on the airport to the maximum of 11 channels, that helped,
but it still has dropouts with aac files.

I am not too keen on using the LAME script
(which in any case I have not been able to find) to convert
thousands of aac files back to mp3.

Any ideas on what I can try before doing that?