View Full Version : SqueezeNetwork account is locked out for 24 hours

2008-03-16, 17:00
Can anyone tell me what this message means? I just got hooked and can't quit cold turkey...

2008-03-16, 20:01
Got this message too. I went to SqueezeCenter on the web, logged in, everything seemed fine and now it is working again from SC7. No idea what is going on and I would like to know what caused it in the first place too.

2008-03-16, 20:10
and now I get this when clicking recent stations from Slacker in SqueezeCenter:

<opml version="1.1">
<head title="Slacker Error">
<outline text="Your player is not authorized to use SqueezeNetwork." type="text" wrap="1"/>

Honestly, I just want a product that does what it says and works and doesn't give me stupid bogus error messages like it is tonight. This isn't a version 1.0 product, apparently it is version 7 and you'd think by now you'd figure out how to make it reliable.