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2008-03-16, 13:20
I'm reconfiguring my network at home to allow for a new server, which I'm using for my media and SC7.

The problem is, this server is using a 'shared' network connection from my other Mac, and it seems like the SB3 can't 'see' the server.

SB3 IP is (connected directly to WiFi router)
Primary Mac IP is via WiFi (shares this connection with server over ethernet)
Server Mac (running SC7) IP is (shared connection from Primary over ethernet)

I can't seem to get this to work, but I think it must be do-able. I don't have WiFi in the server, nor do I want to run an ethernet cable across the house to the router.

Any help is appreciated!

2008-03-16, 13:28
You'll want the server to be on the same subnet as the other machines, i.e. a 192.168.10.x IP.

2008-03-16, 13:36
Hmmm...I suppose that isn't possible using OS X's built in network connection sharing is it? OS X appears to automatically assign the address, rather than a 192.168.10.x address (which is what the router would assign...)

2008-03-16, 13:42
I would think that you could either change the Mac to use 10, or change the router to use 2. Most routers should allow this.

2008-03-16, 14:30
If I have this right you have a router which connects to a Mac over wifi. From the back of this Mac you have an ethernet connection which you have connected to the server Mac.

The SB3 is connected by ethernet to the router.

The subnet mask value is important here. I am going to assume that it is as this is most likely the default with the addresses you have given.

To make this work will require a couple of things. But first a question. Can the server Mac communicate with the ethernet?

If it can then I am going to presume that the non server Mac has had routing configured on it (in Windows terms it might be called Internet connection sharing).

In this case it would be necessary to tell the router that network is available via Unfortunately not many home type routers have this capability. Even then it may not work as I believe that the SB3 uses a broadcast to find the server and this won't pass between networks.

An alternative would be to reconfigure the non server Mac from being a router to being a bridge. Subnet mask again comes into this but assuming you keep it at then give the ethernet port on the non server Mac and the ethernet port on the server Mac an IP address in the 192.168.1.x range. Not one that is already in use and not one that is within the DHCP range of the router.

With bridging configured this should work.

This isn't an easy configuration and relies on the non server Mac being on all the time. It might be simpler to reverse the roles of the two Macs if you can.

Instead of moving the Macs can you move the router and it's internet connection?

Unfortunately I can't help you with OS X commands as I've never used it and it is years since I did it on Unix.

2008-03-16, 21:13
The Mac wont allow me to set it into a 'bridge' mode, but I can change the router configuration. I have a Motorola WR850G, and I believe it will allow me to specify the IP address of the router, the subnet mask, and the default gateway. These are set, currently, to:,, respectively.

Am I correct in assuming that since the Primary Mac wants to share its internet connection by using 192.168.2.x for the IP - if I set the router to use 192.168.2.x as well, then all should work properly...?

So, for example - change the router to read,, change Primary Mac IP to, and hopefully the IP address assigned to the shared connection is

2008-03-17, 10:14
Okay - I gave that a shot, and it didn't seem to work. Adjusting the router to use as its IP address (and the default gateway) seemed OK, except that I was no longer able to connect remotely to the server Mac over VNC.

I'm going to do a bit more research about the bridging option. Failing that, I'm going to get creative about the location of the server and/or the router...

2008-03-17, 12:15
Changing the router address as you did just meant that you had to have bridging working. I don't believe that the router you mentioned is able to provide a local routing function as I described.

If you were able to swap the Server Mac and your own Mac over so that the server had the wireless connection and your Mac was connected to it over ethernet sharing the wireless. With your wireless configured as it was previously then it should allow the SB3 to see the music and you to control it via a web interface from your own Mac. However, there are limitations in that config which probably won't affect you at the moment but may if you add further devices.

It would be better long term if you can have both Macs wired to the router. Connecting the SB3 by wireless would be OK.