View Full Version : Live365 locked out!

2008-03-16, 13:05
After a couple of hours of listening to Live365 (Eclectic Music Mix, for that matter) through my SqBox 3, I had an interruption, rebuffering stopped midway and now, when I try to access Live 365 in the "Internet Radio" menu of Squeezenetwork, I get the message "Your Squeezenetwork account has been locked out for 24 hours, Contact support@slimdevices.com" !!!!

All other stations from other providers (Southcast, Radioio, etc.) work fine.

And I am able to listen to Live365 through the web, at my computer!!!

Any thoughts?


2008-03-16, 13:11
Did you contact support? :)

2008-03-18, 14:25
Yes, no answer yet!
Meanwhile, problem solved (I mean, didn't happen again since yesterday).

2008-03-18, 14:40
Sorry about that. We've implemented some additional security features on SN and this can happen if your external IP address changes very frequently. We didn't expect many ISPs would hand out new DHCP addresses as often as it appears they do, so we'll probably tweak the limits as we get more info.

Who is your ISP?

How long is your ISP's DHCP lease?