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Bob Myers
2004-02-14, 17:57
The shoutcast plugin also works now for me on my Windows XP box.

What I did is obvious in retrospect. Install ActiveState Perl. Run
"perl slimserver.pl". Remove slimserver.db to get around some version
problem in Storable.

Thanks for everyone's help.

But it seems that while stations with lower bit rates work fine, higher
ones start skipping and stuttering, usually right away (within 2-3
seconds). Right now I'm listening to the Virgin Adult Pop Rock station
(32K) which works like a charm. Japan-a-radio (128) starts breaking up
right away.

I'm running the 5.1 release version of the Server, with up-to-date
firmware. Server is WinXP.

First I listened to the same stations over a local player like MMJB,
which worked fine. That would seem to eliminate either the performance
of my DSL connection (which typically tests at several hundred kbps
coming down), and the processing power of my computer, as a possible

Then I wired up the SB to eliminate wireless bandwidth problems as a
possible cause. My SB was located about 25 feet from the wireless hub.
I was getting signal strengths of about 40-50%. That was working fine
for my mp3's which are mainly 128K. I took my laptop with a wireless
card over to exactly the same spot where the SB was and it showed a
signal strength of "strong". I brought the SB over within 6" of the
wireless hub and the strength was 90%. When I moved it three feet away,
the strength went down below 90%. Is this how things are supposed to
work? I've got a Linksys 802.11G router/hub/gateway thing running in
mixed (B+G) mode, no encryption.

In any case, I wired up the SB to remove any of these problems. The
exact same stuttering and breaking-up problem occurred with the radio
stations. There's no skipping problems on non-radio streams, many of my
MP3s are 128K, some 320K.

I have two other unrelated points/questions.

1. Concerning the inability of a Windows service to access a music
collection on an external/network disk, this has been raised/answered at
least three times since I've been on the list. Are Slim people aware
there's a misleading answer to this question in the FAQ? That should
probably be fixed.

2. How does the Group Discs option work? Are some special tags required
to make it work? Right now I've ripped some 2-CD sets just as "Album (1
of 2)" and "Album (2 of 2)" as the album name tags, but I guess I need
to do something else? I want to know because I'm about to rip and tag a
12-disk set of Bach organ music.

Minor SHOUTCAST bug: The author surely already knows that there's a
trivial bug which is that genre names are not getting decoded resulting
displays like "R%26B" on the SB display.


Bob Myers

Jamison Roof wrote on Saturday, February 14, 2004 1:48 PM:

>> I finally got the shoutcast plugin to work on my squeezebox.
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