View Full Version : How SoftSqueeze cheated SlimServer?

2008-03-16, 08:13

I just installed SlimServer/SqueezeCenter 7.0 and I was amazoned by its new
design and features, especially the integration of third party online
services, such as mp3tunes.

However, I didn't plan to buy a SqueezeBox, but use a simple software mp3
player to stream the audio from SlimServer.

Well, my problem is that SlimServer does NOT allow me to do that with the
third party serviced. I was trying to play my music collections on mp3tunes,
but SlimServer gave me the error message of "Your player is not authorized
to connect to SqueezeNetwork."

Later, I discovered that SoftSqueeze can "cheat" SqueezeCenter and
successfully play mp3tunes music without any poblem.

Can some one explain to me how SoftSqueeze did this CHEATING, or how
SqueezeCenter checks whether the player is authorized or not.



2008-03-16, 11:52
I was trying to stream my audio file on mp3tunes through
mp3tunes --> SqueezeNetwork --> SqueezeCenter 7.0 --> a simple mp3 player (such as 'mpd' in linux and streaming from SqueezeCenter by pointing to http://localhost:9000/steram.mp3)

However, I wasn't able to so and an error message "your player is not authorized to use SqueezeNetwork".

On the other hand, if I use SoftSqueeze as client, I had NO problem at all.

Can someone explain to me how SoftSqueeze cheated Squeeze to be "authorized player" as SqueezeBox does?

Or can someone tell me if it is possible to hack SqueezeCenter to allow a simple mp3 player stream audio files from a third-party service like mp3tunes?


2008-03-16, 13:18
It's not cheating because SoftSqueeze is a supported player which uses slimproto to connect in the same way as an SB. If you use something like winamp it isn't and it doesn't :)

2008-03-16, 13:33
And please, less cross-posting :)