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2008-03-15, 22:47
I had to change the wireless name on my network and now I can't get the slimedevice to connect again. I see my network and someone elses which I have a very good feeling is my problem. It was working fine for the longest time, but not any more. I have unplugged the device, but the networks won't clear. Is there any other way to clear them? I was trying to manually clear the one that's not mine, but that peski network is still there so if the admins can give me some help on this I would really appreciate it because apparently I can't manually clear that out of the device. Thanks.

2008-03-16, 02:53
You can factory default the player by holding + whilst you plug it in.

However, that won't remove your neighbour's network name. The player is scanning for all the networks that it can see as it doesn't know which is yours. It then gives you the choice to tell it which is yours.

It will then go through the configuration of the network that you told it to use. As you step through the configuration screens you will most likely see the choices and information that you entered previously. Just change/overwrite with new information. (It remembers values so you don't have to enter them after re-powering the player.)

The only time being able to see your neighbour's network may be a problem is if both you and they are using the same channel. This can reduce your wireless range as they would interfere with each other. To determine if they are you would need a PC with wireless and a software package such as netstumber or similar.

Generally wireless networks tend to default to around channel 6. So if you are having range problems try changing yours to channel 1 or 11.

2008-03-16, 13:09
Well, tried the different channels but they didn't work, so I went ahead and did a factory reset and started over. I deleted whatever name was on there and just typed my info, then it connected again.