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2008-03-15, 17:39
Ok then, so I'm currently running SB3 with SlimServer 6.5.4 on Vista via two bridged LinkSys WRT54GL routers. DHCP is enabled on the primary router and my SB3 is connected to the Etherenet port on the remote router. The two routers are connected wirelessly. I'm amazed I got this working. It's nice.

But now, before I take the next step as described below, I'm wondering if there's anyway I can get into trouble here? I mean, I've come so far, I'd hate to screw things up now.

I'd like to install SqueezeCenter 7.0 on an old XP box and compare the two systems as well as 6.5.4 vs SC7. I'm assuming here that I would only have one machine on at a time, and that when I power up the SB3 after installing SC 7 on the XP box, SB3 will find the appropriate server, which ever one happens to be on. Correct?

Eventually I'd like to run everything from the XP box, and uninstall slim server 6.5.4 from the Vista Box.

However, in the interim, will I have any problems switching back and forth between the two?

What will happen if both systems are on at the same time, with DHCP enabled? Is the last used IP address stored in the SB's cache?

Thanks in advance.

2008-03-15, 17:44
You should not have any problems. The SB will get its IP address from the router's DHCP server and keep that. Holding the left arrow on the remote will allow you to switch between music servers, leaving the SB IP address unaffected.

2008-03-15, 19:57
Will there be any SB firmware issues running both 6.5.4 and 7.0?


2008-03-16, 00:45
Will there be any SB firmware issues running both 6.5.4 and 7.0?
The firmware is closely tied to the server software, so when you switch between 6.5.4 and 7.0 you will be prompted to update (or as the case may be, 'downdate') the firmware.

2008-03-16, 02:41
You can essentially have as many music servers running at the same time on your network as it will support. When you get into the network config of a slim player (either hold left arrow or re-power it) you can choose between the available players.

Different versions of server may require different versions of the firmware in the squeezeplayer. The player will prompt you to get the required version (by holding brightness) that it needs.

Longer term, if anyone wants to maintain multiple servers, it is probably best to have them all on the same server version.

2008-03-16, 10:04
My firmware version is 81, which must mean it is tied to the server version 6.5.4 correct?