View Full Version : Missing "parser.dll" when trying to run Shoutcastplug-in on Windows

Jamison Roof
2004-02-14, 14:48
I finally got the shoutcast plugin to work on my squeezebox.

Followign advice below, I ran slim.exe --d_plugins. For some reason it couldn't find the perl modules that it needed (lwp-simple, html-tree, http-something, and auto\html\parser\parser.dll). The perl lib directory on my computer is not listed in @INC. Reinstalling perl (Active Perl, 5.8.?) didn't help. I had to manually copy the required modules (directories) into the slimserver plugins directory. Not the right solution, but it works.

Now if I could only get Internet radio to p;ay for more than 10 seconds.

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I see, after installing Activestate perl I just run

perl slimserver.exe

The Shoutcast plugin appears to initialize properly, but I get...

"Storable binary image v2.6 more recent than I am <v2.4> at
blib\lib\Stoarable.pm (autosplit into
line 305, at (eval 15) line 22


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> Quoting Bob Myers <rtm-FW+hd8ioUD0 (AT) public (DOT) gmane.org>:
> > "kdf" wrote...
> >
> > > your best bet is to install ActivePerl, from activestate.com.
Most of the
> > > modules you would need for plugins are found in their main
> >
> > Thanks. OK, I've done that. Now how do I point Slimserver at the
> > relevant ActivePerl installation?
> The install should have taken care of that part. The install point
the @INC
> variable in your system to the libraries that activeperl installs.
> what does the server report when you run slim.exe --d_plugins ?
> > In version 29.3, it would be nice to have a more automated system to
> > install plug-ins and their dependencies for dumbfarts like me.
> yes, it would. Blame Windows, and the developers who prefer to work
with easier
> systems :)
> -kdf