View Full Version : DTS support?

2008-03-15, 17:10
Is there a plugin for SB 3 to playback DTS audio? It's just playing back digital noise. nm disable volume adjustment and it works...annoying because if I have it on and randomize forget it'll knacker the speakers...

2008-03-15, 18:37
Yea, unfortunately the Squeezebox can only do digital passthrough for those kinds of tracks.

2008-03-15, 21:06
_Decoding_ of DTS audio is not feasible, but what might address your problem would be if the player switched to 100% volume on encountering a non-PCM (ie. DTS or AC3) track.

Unfortunately this would have the drawback that if you had the volume set to significantly less than 100%, you would get a nasty boost in volume on those tracks.

I don't see a practical solution to this. Probably it would be best to skip DTS tracks in a playlist when the volume is not at 100%.

At the moment I don't think SC recognizes non-PCM tracks at all - it just passes them through. We'd have to add some more intelligence there as a starting point for anything.