View Full Version : I'm an idiot (or at least clumsy)

2008-03-15, 13:30
I was looking at my music folder setup (home/music folder), and meant to click the first folder listed.
Instead I clicked "all songs".
I had to wait for quite a long time for, well, all of my music to get added to the playlist for the current player.
Anyone know of a way to "cancel" this process once it's begun? Or a way to limit the number of tracks added in one click (even limiting it to 1000 would have been a big improvement.
Ah, well. No harm done - although it does seem to be the sort of thing that might be a problem at a party if a guest clicked it.

2008-03-15, 14:19
LOL, have done this myself a few times till I learned not to.
I usually go to the music computer and just restart it.

Yes this is a very big pain, especially with 60Gb of music.
I personally use the "Music Folder" option to play music due to the fact that my sons have their own folder and their music tags are not as neat as they should be and the constant changing of their music, therefore creating havoc in the database searching features

Haven't done it for a while, but you are right, at a gathering
someone might think this would be a "cool" idea.

I am hoping that a future enhancements in the software would be to be able to customize the menus as we can in the SB3.
This would allow us to remove items that we do not use (ie: internet radio subscriptions, and play all), and remove items that an unsuspecting "newbie" could screw up (ie: have you ever had a friend get hold of you mp3 or phone and change the language or security settings)

I have search the bug database and cannot find a request of this type, but from the chatter on the forums, would assume the "Slim" boys are looking at this for say SC7.1. (you do deserve a vacation first ;-)

Any feedback on this subject or possibly a link to proposed enhancements in SC would be appreciated


2008-03-15, 15:15
Yes this is a very big pain, especially with 60Gb of music. And a bigger pain with 600G. My wife and I watched a movie, after which, I tried accessing it again - still really busy adding music but not totally locked up - so I navigated to Pandora (took a minute or so for each click to do something) and set one of my "radio stations" there to play - which finally interrupted the process.
Seems like all that's needed is for the "clear" button to appear earlier on in the process - and for clicking to mean "stop loading any in-process-of-loading files and then clear what's in this player's playlist.

And yeah, I think I've learned to carefully avoid that button as well... :-)