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2008-03-15, 11:23
I've searched around but haven't found any answers to this.
I'm streaming SC to a WM6 phone using the web interface and gsplayer. (praying that the 2 folks working on c# clients have a compiled version soon.)

The problem I am having is that every time I reconnect with gsplayer I have to recreate the play list and hit play again etc.. in the web interface.
SC must delete the current playlist for players when its looses contact.
I know my phones IP changes often but the prefix is always the same and it always shows gsplayer in the players name in the drop down list.

I'm wondering if it is possible to hardcode a player in SC, possibly with a regex or wild cards so that SC keeps the playlist (and stream?) alive even when the player disconnects and make it persistent so when I reconnect I just have to connect to /stream.mp3.
The idea is that after some period of time and even is my clients IP has changed, when it reconnects, SC would see the gsplayer string or IP prefix (via regex) in the web player name and start playing so I do not have to go into the web UI and pick music and press play everytime I connect.
Kind of like my own radio station. I'm sure I could do this with shoutcast etc.. but I'd like to stay with SC if possible.
Any and all ideas welcome
I'd also beta test for a WM6 client if anyone is interested.
ATT Tilt w/ cooked 6.1 ROM / SC7 final on linux

2008-03-17, 18:29
Anyone? Bueller?
How about a way to automajically load a playlist and start playing it when a web client with a certain string in its name connects via stream.mp3?

Please! Don't make me resort to begging..harder:)

2008-03-17, 19:06
There's certainly no functionality for this right now. I'm not sure whether a plugin can trap the "player connected" event but I imagine it's possible to get it one way or another, so maybe time to learn perl :)

2008-03-17, 20:38
If you can get your phone to keep its IP address it will work. Maybe use a proxy server on a static IP?

2008-03-17, 21:19
Thanks for the replys guys.

I do happen to have limited perl experience. Enough to be dangerous as they say.

How is this for a hack around. (not necessarily based on fact)
Turn on some logging that logs the connecting of clients.
Watch that output for GSPLAYER
Match GSPLAYER and grab the IP (and port?) I'm coming from.
Use CLI to send the commands needed load a playlist and play it.

Getto as Getto gets but if its possible then maybe it could be refined and built as a plugin.

Does this sound doable. not pretty but doable.


2008-03-18, 05:27
Matching on user-agent might be doable, but there's always the chance you'd have 2 identical phones connecting or something right?

2008-03-18, 21:23

Yes its a possibility but I can live with the odds.
Thanks for your advise. Now all I need is a weekend with no
holidays, birthdays, kids, SO, work...