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2008-03-15, 10:03
Ive been having a lot of problems getting my SBC to STAY connnected to my Wifi network.

SBC=Squeezebox controller
SBR=Squeezebox receiver

Here is my original setup:
Squeezecenter 7.0 on a Windows XP computer with Windows Firewall ON and ports opened specifically for squeezecenter. F-secure anti-virus on with its built in firewall turned OFF.
WRT54GX2 wireless G linksys wireless router with WPA-TKIP/AES turned on, no mac filtering or other special security turned on.

What works:

I can very reliably control the SBR with Squeezecenter.
Music plays perfectly with no skipping
I can set up the SBC and SBR over and over successfully, everything connects properly and succeeds.
Light on SBR always indicates good connection to both music source and wifi

What doesnt work:

Immediately after the setup sequence after factory reset of the SBC, the SBC works reliably and can control the SBR well and the SBR plays music perfectly.
Sometime between 1 and 5 minutes after setup the SBR starts having connection problems with the network/music source. The SBR continues to play music perfectly.
The SBC starts showing 'blue' on the wireless strength meter and i get the 'try again' and 'choose music source' options with the message that the 'squeezebox is having problems connecting to the network. Again, the SBR continues to play music perfectly according to the last command given it by the SBC.
I have plenty of signal strength on the SBC and the distance from the wireless router does not matter, i have tried setting everything up in one room and see the same problem.

I have setup my unit in 'bridged mode' with everything in the same room and it works perfectly, but i dont want to run it in this mode, so i went back and re-set everything up in full wireless mode.

After re-setting everything up again, I started looking at the network information on the SBC under settings>wireless networks>(my network name) to try to see if it was network connection problems. turns out that about every minute or so the IP address field turns to 'nil' and the status reads 'connecting'. This symptom was occurring with everything in the same room (SBC, SBR, and wireless router).

This definitely pointed to the wireless connection as the problem.

I then took a shot in the dark and disabled wireless security completely on the wireless router and did a factory reset again, going through the setup process successfully. After doing this, everything was working perfectly while the SBC was in the same room with everything else.

Then i moved the SBC a couple of rooms away from the SBR and router (about 30 feet) and things are STILL working perfectly.

Im going to continue to experiment with the security to see if maybe my security type is the issue or if my security key is too long for the SBC for some reason. My key was as long as you can use for WPA personal.

I sooooo want this thing to just work. It is a fantastic product and i cant wait to get 'settled in' with it.

I hope someone can comment/help, or that this helps someone else out there having a problem.

2008-03-16, 10:23
Here's a test I did that, in my mind points to either the player or the software. I'm running wireless and also have dropped connections, or drop outs. When I say wireless, I'm connected using two linksys wrt54gls, on of which is in bridge mode. This was done after having just one wrt56gl. I installed the second hoping it would provide me with a stronger signal - to no avail.

So then, I simple replace the SlimDevice, and put a laptop in place, pluging it into the second router. Guess what? No dropped connections.

I too love this device and wish it would just work. My next step is upgrade to version 7, but if I still have dropped connections, then that's the end of the line for me.

2008-03-16, 10:56
I am still in the long slow process of debugging this situation.

I turned off wireless security on my router as i mentioned in my post above, and thought that had improved the situation, however about 1 hour after having done the factory reset with the new security disabled wireless, the drop-outs returned again.

At this point the only way for me to control the SBR using the SBC is to turn it off and on every time i want to 'change something' (such as pause, ff, etc).

The SBR can be very reliably controlled via the squeezecenter software.

Everything indicates that my wireless signal strength is fine.

I have used msconfig to disable all services/firewalls/anti-virus off of the machine i am running squeezecenter on. This still does not make a difference.

My thinking now is that there is something defective about my SBC. I am in contact with anoop from techsupport. I can only hope that he can help me to resolve these problems.

Thanks for the reply btw.


2008-03-16, 11:44
Since you say that setting up the SBR in bridge mode (I assume you mean ad-hoc) with the controller accessing the network via the SBR and it works without a problem, then this, to my mind, points the issue at your wireless router.

If you really do mean bridge mode, the SBR is accessing the network via wireless and your controller never drops out then it kind of still points to the wireless router.

What may be happening is that if a device is only infrequently accessing an access point then the access point can turn down the transmit power. With the SBR in ad-hoc mode the SBC isn't accessing the router so no problems. With the SBR bridging it will keep the router AP active with power levels high.

Of course it may have nothing to do with it.

May be worth looking for any options in the router config for power saving or similar.

2008-03-16, 12:35

First of all, thanks for the response.

When i said 'bridged mode' in a previous post i was referring to the setup where the SBR is wired and the SBC connects directly to the SBR via ad-hoc network. Sorry if i confused things by saying bridged mode below. This situation does take the wireless network out of the equation and should point to the wireless network being the problem.

However, the thing that still keeps me thinking that something is wrong with the SBC and not the router (or its settings) is that the SBR has no problems connecting and holding connection with the router wirelessly. It will play music without end connected to my home network wirelessly. I can also control the SBR flawlessly with the squeezecenter software when it is connected to the wireless router wirelessly.

I only tried the ad-hoc 'bridged' mode for debugging purposes. Given the location of the receiver i want to use i must use full wireless or 'normal' mode.

The only thing that is having problems connecting is the SBC. Even if i continuously use the SBC while the router, SBC and SBR are all in the same room (when all is set up to be wirelessly connected) it still loses its connection. Setting things up like this was another attempt to debug the situation.

2008-03-16, 14:43
I understand what you mean. However, when you were using the Ad-hoc mode (what you called bridging) the SBR is providing the wireless interface that the SBC is connecting to. In this mode the SBR is also using less wireless power than it would do communicating with a access point. I believe you said that this worked perfectly with no problems.

Only when you caused the SBC to use the access point did you have problems. Even in the same room.

That is what is puzzling me. A lower power connection works OK but a normal one doesn't. If I were to rule any part of the wireless out that would be why I rule out the SBC.

Having said that it could also be some incompatability in settings or interference or a fault and I've seen too many problems where something works perfectly connected one way but fails completely when connected another even when there is no material difference.

I'd suggest at this point getting in touch with support then if there is a chance it is the SBC faulty they can sort out replacements.

2008-03-16, 17:06
I am having the same problem. Haven't had time to do much about trying to solve it but at least it's good to know that I'm not alone. What router are you using? Mine is the Linksys DIR-655.

2008-03-30, 06:39
I just wanted to follow up to ensure that everyone knew what the issue was with my setup in case others are having similar problems.

It turns out that the problem was my wireless router. Despite the fact that the SBR was connecting fine and streaming fine from the Squeezecenter server on my pc and the fact that i have never have ANY connection problems with my laptop as far as browsing the internet is concerned. Ive been running this router for the better part of a year now.

As i mentioned above my router was the linksys WRT54GX2 ver 2 that i got refurbed from tigerdirect. Im not really sure if it is a defect with the router or if it is an incompatibility between that router and the SBC, but per my post above it really gives the SBC fits.

I switched out my wireless router to a new belkin F5D 7230-4 ver 7001 and all of the connection problems my SBC was having disappeared. The unit works absolutely flawlessly now.

Id like to thank everyone on this board for their support. Id also like to thank Anoop and all of the support guys from Slimdevices. You all were fantastic to work with. They shipped me a new unit to try out. They offered to take the entire duet system back, pay for the shipping and give me all of my money back. They went the extra mile to try to make this work for me.

Im so excited that the unit is working now. it is a revolutionary device.

Ill be posting some usability issues in another post. I cant wait to see the software evolve.