View Full Version : Many Favorites disappearing

2008-03-15, 06:45
I have a set of about a dozen or so Favorites composed of Internet radio stations and Slacker stations. Works great. But twice now, most, but not all, simply disappear. But, after reinstalling SC7 (the same current production release), they reappear.

Any ideas?

2008-03-15, 19:02
I've discovered that this is only happening when I reboot the PC that SqueezeCenter is running on. Note that stopping and starting SqueezeCenter does not affect Favorites. But when I reboot, most of them go away.

Reinstalling SC7 brings them back (until I reboot again).

I'm not seeing anything obvious in the server log.

Anybody have any ideas on this?

Running SC 7.0 on Windows Vista

2008-03-16, 07:21
Curiouser and curiouser...

OK, after reboot, the 3 things in Favorites are not the same ones that I expect to be there and are there when I reinstall SC7. The 3 that are there after reboot I believe are links that I had there when I was using SC7 in beta.

Strangely enough, I changed SqueezeCenter startup from at login to a service and that resolved the problem.

At this point, it's working correctly, but I still don't have a clue what it was doing.

2008-03-26, 14:33
Unfortunately, I don't have a solution or a reason, but I experienced what I think is a similar or even the same problem.

On one (and only one occasion) when I rebooted my PC, all my favorites disappeared. I went to the trouble of adding a few of them back. However, the next time I rebooted my PC, all my original favorites magically reappeared. Unlike your experience though, my favorites seem to be surviving additional reboots.

2008-03-26, 16:38
When I realized that the problem was somehow related to rebooting, I changed SqueezeCenter to start as a service. Now it is behaving correctly after reboot.