View Full Version : Lost track tiltles from Slimserver database

2008-03-14, 08:47

After running successfully for a couple of weeks Slimserver 6.5.4 running on QNAP TS109 has lost the track titles. All are showing as '1'. The Album titles are correct. If I click on one of the 1s in an album listing I get the expected tag display with the track title shown correctly. Wipeing and rescanning the database has no effect.

My SB3 and SoftSqueeze also show '1' for each track title.
I have checked the tags in the files on the QNAP with MP3Tag and Tag&Rename and the track title is correct.

QNAP TS109 was supplied with SlimServer installation from Progressive

Andrew Griffin

2008-03-15, 06:01
As nothing seemed to work I recovered by removing Slimserver from the TS109 and reinstalled. I then rescanned and track titles reappeared. I presume that the database got hosed in some way and had to be reconstituted from scratch.